Having recently graduated with an M.A. in TESOL (Applied Linguistics – Eng. Dept.) from Central Michigan University, the author is figuring out what to do next and how to gain experience to get a job. Having sworn that she would never end up in any subject that has to do with English or the teaching thereof, here she is. With minimal classroom experience and tutoring experience in excess, she sets off across the globe to jump head first into managing a classroom of 50+ students in an effort to figure out how to English. Will she survive? The mystery continues.

Job Goals:

Study Abroad Coordinator – International Affairs – International Student Recruiter for an Art College OR teach EFL across the world. Whichever comes first. And if all else fails? There’s always a PhD.

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Anthropology  

Graduate Degree: M.A. TESOL

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