Buddhist Temple – Seattle Koyasan


                                                        Olfactory Processed Nostalgia

It was a pleasant surprise when we got to this temple. We had been walking for about 45 minutes through the International District of Seattle (after eating some questionable meat, no less). This was a pilgrimage of sorts, I guess. I come from a Buddhist background and was interested in finding a part of myself in a place that I had kept largely separate from my rising-sun Buddhist sphere. The two worlds had never been blurred into one. I guess I have been living in my own world with two moons (Murakami fans?). I thought it would feel so weird, but it didn’t. It smelled completely familiar.


It Takes A Village: TESOL Int’l (Seattle) 2017

This year, there appeared to be an increase in popularity of presentations focused on corpus linguistics, teaching English to refugees, and peace building. I will touch on corpus linguistics in a later post, but as for the other two, they seemed fitting considering the state of the world and the political climate we find ourselves strapped into. Two of the sessions I found interesting (and tools for making better human beings) had to do with peace-building and connections to others.

The Human Library Project: How many of you have heard of The Human Library? Until this conference, this idea is one that I hadn’t heard of. I think this would be a great tool for peace-building and bridging the gap between communities. This gives the opportunity to ask tough questions that you may otherwise feel uncomfortable asking and allows you to get to know someone different from you. Check out The Human Library in more detail here.  

The Global Village Project: Summer Literacy Themed Readings: The Global Village Project runs a summer reading program in cooperation with the public library for refugee girls in Decatur, Georgia. Their theme for this summer was peace-building. They encouraged books that showed strong women, people of different backgrounds, and people of all ages. You can learn more about The Global Village Project here