Pause a Moment: Hating Your New Place

As an “instructor without boarders” (or an international anything), there are many times where we may find that our new working and living arrangement may not meet our expectations. Many times, we are sent to work within a system that we may not agree with, or we may have ideas on how things could be done better. Prolonged experience in this setting without perspective can make you angry and bitter and make you feel like you hate the country you are in. It is important to remember that though a system may work a certain way in your country, that is not necessarily how it should work in another country. Many times you are there to experience the culture and work within their education systems, not to “fix” it. It is important to remember this. Perspective is key. Below is a video by TokyoLens that has an important message that applies to anyone living abroad or in any new situation.



Pause A Moment: On Creativity and Syria

Amal Kassir is an amazing slam poet who has a unique way with words. She is an American and she is Syrian. Her insight into the pressures of constantly being creative is a message that everyone should hear. Not only this, but her memories of Syria are also a message that everyone should hear. Make Art, Make Peace, Not War.

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