Pause A Moment: #Analog

I found her video thought provoking. In a digital age we sometimes forget our analog roots. (Video Credit: ASMRrequests)

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Let’s Go Places: Thailand (Some Thoughts)

You know all the beautiful Thai beaches and sunshine that everyone always talks about? Yeah? Well I am absolutely nowhere near them, haha (it will also be the rainy season).

On one hand, it is exciting. From the things I have read this means that the Isaan Region (Northeast Thailand) is less touristy than other areas. On the other hand, for the first month I will probably miss my creature comforts and extreme convenience.

Instead of researching what I should prepare for teaching English, I am searching for way more important matters… like street food, temples, and how not to get scammed by a tuk tuk driver (not that all tuk tuk drivers are scammers, because they are not. It’s just a thing that happens). I am also trying (and failing) to learn basic Thai. From what I was told though, the dialect of my area is a mix of Lao and Thai because I live so close to the boarder of Laos… the language struggle is just beginning… がんばろう!

We will continue this later…

Support Your Local Travel Agents

I’m leaving two days early because of airfare prices. I’m excited to have a few days to explore Bangkok before orientation. Airfare has gotten crazy expensive (I did try to stick with one airline though, because of frequent flyer miles, which didn’t help with cost). So, riddle me this. I researched a multi-city round-trip air ticket for Detroit, Michigan to Bangkok, Thailand with a one week layover in Japan to see my family on the way back. The website told me there were no scheduled flights from Bangkok to the airport I needed to get to in Japan… So I was like, “okay, I will just look up a straight round trip ticket then.” The flight path home was having me layover at the exact airport I needed to get to in Japan……………….. (-_-) ……………….. Why you gotta lie to me, airline? So I called the booking agent and the airline was trying to charge me $2,000 more to stop in Japan for that one week… at this point in the story, I would like to give a shout out to the miracle worker, Marlene, at Valley Travel Agency. I went to a local travel agency and she was able to dig deep and help me find a reasonably priced flight to accommodate my stop in Japan. Support your local travel agents. They are amazing. -end-