Let’s Go Places: Japan Obscura

vineThere are hundreds upon hundreds of touristy things to do in Japan (especially in Tokyo). However, there are equally as many out-of-the-ordinary experiences as well. For more off-the-beaten-path suggestions, check out Atlas Obscura’s list of Interesting Places in Japan.


EFL/ESL Resources: iSL Collective

As an EFL Instructor, I fully appreciate when friends and strangers alike share resources to make teaching life easier. Especially on days where you need a quick activity or practice homework. iSL Collective shares these feelings and has created this amazing share site where teachers from all walks of life can share games and resources that they have created. This website not only has worksheets for English, it has worksheets for other languages as well, such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. Additionally, it covers a wide range of subjects including English Language, Science, Math, etc.

Let’s Go Places: Thailand Obscura

d942468ca7e045398e3a2ac4353e80f88f937eb1On one hand, I find that there are some obligatory touristy things one has to do at least once when visiting a new place, just to say you did it. On the other hand, discovering obscure, off-the-beaten-path places along the way is also my cup of tea. While researching the internet for information on what wonders Thailand holds, I came across a site that has a list of bizarre and intriguing suggestions. If you enjoy the bizarre and sometimes creepy as much as I do, I suggest you check out Atlas Obscura’s list of Interesting Places in Thailand. (Note: there are some not creepy places as well)

Let’s Go Places: Northeastern Thailand

Thailand SidesThis is the area where I will be living. It is 250 – 300 kilometers (155 – 187 miles) from the capitol of Laos and about an hour plane ride/10 hour drive (650 kilometers) from Bangkok. According to my agent, this area of Thailand gets less tourists than other regions and as such has been deemed “The Real Thailand Experience”. Because of it’s location, this area has a mix of Thai and Lao cultures. The anthropologist in me is giddy (anthropology undergrad), the English teacher in me is not sure what this feeling is that she is feeling (have any of you ever seen Wicked the musical?). Check out cool things to do in Sakon Nakhon at wikivoyage.org. I am excited for the Temples and basically everything listed in the Local Products list. What looks interesting to you?